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Making Graffiti Art in Procreate

If you’ve been looking for a way to take your lettering to the next level, or just try something new with your digital art, then you’re in luck! Graffiti art can be done in Procreate and is a popular art style due to its fusion of creativity, individualism, and urban aesthetic. Every piece of art is unique, but Graffiti has a way of grabbing attention due to the bold colors and impactful style.

In this video, I’ll show you some tips and tricks to create your own Graffiti letters in Procreate - from how to find fonts (or create your own letterforms) to how to get the right textures and colors that will make your designs stand out.

You can find the full tutorial in the video, but here are the main steps:

Choose a subject:

  • Your artwork should have a main subject/focal point [either an object or letter(s)]

  • Choose a font (or draw your own) - skip if you’re doing an object & just draw it

    • (make sure it’s free to use)

    • Install (here's my video on how to install fonts on your iPad)

    • Add your letter/word

  • Modify your text

    • Reduce opacity on the text layer

    • New layer above

    • Trace the font & modify as desired (try the Transform tool with Warp and/or the Adjustments > Liquify tool)

      • Add drips/splatters, etc.

    • When done, combine any inking layers & hide/delete text sketch layer

Add the Colors

  • Color Drop the main color into text/object

  • Add a new layer above & make it a Clipping Mask

    • Add color to top & bottom

    • Adjustments > Gaussian blur ( to make a nice gradient)

  • Optional: Add another new layer above (Clipping Mask) for texture

    • Use Airbrushes from Procreate or other brushes - I have some Halftones I use- (multiply blend mode) to add texture

Add Details

  • Shadows

    • New layer at top (clipping mask, multiply blend mode) & choose a dark version of main color or a medium gray)

    • Draw in Shadows

    • Adjust opacity in layers panel

  • Highlights

    • New layer at top

    • Draw in Highlights with White (lines, bubbles, cross-hatching, etc.) - should be opposite shadows

  • Optional: Background

    • New layer behind text design

    • Add gradients, halftones, spraypaint, drips, splashes, etc. in complementary/coordinating colors to your design to create a dynamic look (not sure what colors to use? Here's my resource you can check out!)

    • Optional: Add a digital wall

      • New layer at the bottom

      • Add > Add photo/file

      • Adjust as needed

Export your Design

  • Sharing your design on social/email

    • Wrench (actions menu) > Share

    • JPG or PNG

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