In this video I show you how to make a holiday card in Canva. This DIY Christmas card tutorial will walk you through how to design a holiday card for FREE in Canva and I provide a variety of printing options. This is the year to take the time to mail paper cards and I talk about the reasons why.

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Canva Pro free 30 day trial:

Hallmark messages/wording:

Printing options:

Costco printing:

Shutterfly printing: (sizes vary)

Vistaprint printing: (sizes vary)

Canva printing:

In this video I'm going to show you how to make a YouTube thumbnail in Canva for Free. I also talk about how to make eye catching thumbnails that will get more clicks and views for your videos and some top tips and thumbnail making secrets to help you design the best custom thumbnails.

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I've got a special guest for my video this week! 🐶 If you're wondering how to add the fancy custom branded watermark to your YouTube videos, you can stop searching! I'm going to show you how to design this for FREE in Canva and where to upload it in your YouTube studio. I'll also cover some tips for what types of designs work best and why. #laurierusselldesign #chrysalisgraphicdesign #canvaquicktips #caperswithcooper


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