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Are you looking for a fresh perspective on Digital Planning?

If you're ready to make a change and Focus on the Positive in 2023, keep scrolling to learn more about my NEW digital planning system!

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Still struggling to find "Planner Peace"?

Do you find yourself wishing that you could be more organized and really take charge of your time and your schedule?  Have you found yourself searching for the "perfect" planner that has all the pieces you want, in the order you want, and you just can't find it?

Well, guess what...

...I found it!  Ok, really, I created it, because I was just like you and I couldn't find one that was juuuuust right.

I've tried paper planners and I've tried other digital planners...and none of them worked for me. Sound familiar?


I started on the Bullet Journal (Bujo) wagon thinking I could make some beautiful page spreads like I'd seen on Pinterest.

That lasted exactly 1 month before I realized that I did NOT have time for all of that hand-drawn work! #perfectionist

Then I got into Digital Planning, which was a much better fit for me. I could hit "undo" to my heart's content, add/move/reorganize my pages, etc.

The only problem now, was that I just couldn't find a planner that fit my aesthetic and had all the components that I wanted. SOLUTION: I'm a graphic designer, so I created my own!


A new way to plan...Always be positive on purpose!

Although I had created beautiful, functional digital planners, I still felt that there was something missing.  I've done a lot of reading, self-reflection, and experimentation over the past year and what I found was that creating good habits starts with my mindset.  I loved using my Gratitude tracker and found that the more consistent I was with it, the more benefits I saw in my daily life. 

Can you relate?

Here's where I landed...

I've gone through several iterations of this system and I'm pretty happy with where it is now...however, I know that there's always room for improvement, so I'll be looking to YOU, my community, this year to see what works well and what can be even better for next year.  I call this the Be Positive on Purpose Planning System and I've rolled it out in 2 different themed digital planners for 2023.  This system helps you Focus on gratitude and positivity, plan and execute quarterly goals, and practice mindfulness in your planning.

The key features included in the planners are:

  • Calendar (year, month, week - dated, plus blank daily to add in if desired)

  • Focus section - Vision boards & Gratitude

  • Tasks section - Goals & Social media planning

  • Trackers - Moods, Habits & Health, Finances, Meal planning

  • Journal - 5 templates to choose from

  • Blank pages & an empty digital desktop area to customize

  • A bunch of digital stickers to help you plan

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The 2023 Planners!

Both planners have the same layouts and functionality.  You can choose the theme that you prefer. 


If you're a fan of classic Alice in Wonderland, then you'll love the design in the Wonderland planner.  It has more neutral shades of grays, creams, and purples.  The Beach Bujo planner has a blue and purple color palette and is perfect to get you in a calm and relaxed mood - imagine you're in your own tropical retreat!

NOTE: These are designed to be Landscape planners.  You can, of course, use them in Portrait mode, but they will not fill the screen.

The Beach Bujo Planner

The Wonderland Planner

riverwalk-pink jacket.jpg

Just imagine...

Imagine having all of your calendar info, events, lists, and more organized in one place.  What if that place was customizable and could fit in your purse?  And if it helped you become a more organized and positive person at the same time...

I'd call that a win-win-win!

If you're ready for your fresh start with the Be Positive on Purpose Planning System, make sure you grab your copy today!  HINT: there are some bundles that have extra stickers and widgets to make your planner even better...

These digital planners can be used on your iPad or other tablet.  They were created for and tested with GoodNotes, but should work with any PDF annotation app that supports hyperlinks.  If you want to test out your device before you purchase, you can get a 1-month free sample planner HERE.

About me...

Let me take a moment to introduce myself. I’m Laurie Russell, a professional Graphic Designer from the Pacific Northwest. I’ve worked with a variety of clients, from large companies, to small startups, to individuals and small businesses - in many industries - over the past 12 years.


I have a passion for the union of Technology + Art. My mission is to help ideas take flight by empowering business owners to create their own marketing - and to have fun doing it. I love being able to help someone overcome their fear of failure or thinking that they’re not creative… I believe that everyone has something in them, some spark of creativity, that they can tap into. You may just need a little help getting started - a blank paper or computer screen can be intimidating!

Let's talk details!

If you're anything like me, you want to get a peek inside a planner before you commit.  Here are the main features of my 2023 planners and remember, you can get a FREE sample planner to test out for yourself!

Home area

From here you can get to everywhere in the planner...and the graphic has some extra "easter eggs" - embedded links that make using the planner more intuitive and fun!

Touch the sticker to jump right to your Sticker section...  


Tap the Pen to open your Journal... (and more)


This section has areas for Vision Boards and Gratitude trackers for each month.  These are all linked back to their respective monthly spreads for easy navigation.

2023 planner sales page pics.jpg
Wonderland listing-5.jpg


The heart of any digital planner is the Calendar.  You'll get a Year at a Glance view, Monthly Spreads and Weeklies - all hyperlinked together to make navigating your planner intuitive and easy.

Plan the way you want

I've included 10 different varieties of Weekly layouts throughout the planner, so you'll never get bored using the same one all year.  These feature prompts for your weekly Focus and Tasks as well as a button to directly link to the corresponding Meal Planner for that week.


There's a Daily template available as well, if you want to get more detailed.  You can add this in wherever you'd like, however it won't be directly linked to the Monthly or Weekly spreads (but the tabs will all work since they're embedded). 

Beach Bujo listing-6.jpg
2023 planner sales page pics.jpg


This section is the hub for all your quarterly Goals and your monthly Social Media planners.

PRO-TIP: You can use as many or as few of the features of the planner as you'd like, so don't feel like to you need to fill every page.  Since it's digital, you don't have a thick book to carry around.  Not everyone will need/use a Social Media Planner, but it's been requested enough that I wanted to include it.


I've found that setting and working toward my Goals quarterly is much more successful (and less overwhelming!) than trying to do them a year at a time.  These planners feature guided Goal sections each quarter to help you set - and reach - your goals in any area of your life.

Beach Bujo listing-3.jpg
2023 planner sales page pics.jpg


This section has 5 templates for you to mix and match (extra blank versions are in the Paper & Templates section for you to duplicate).

PRO-TIP: Use the Check-in/Brain Dump template monthly, quarterly, or whenever you feel like you have "too many tabs open" in your head and need to get some clarity.


In this section, you can track your monthly Moods, Health & Habits, Finances and weekly Meals.  All the pages link back to their months/weeks to make navigating around the planner simple and easy.

2023 planner sales page pics4.jpg
Wonderland listing-9.jpg

Digital Stickers!

94 stickers are included with the planner.  These come in the GoodNotes file and also as a Zip file of pre-cropped PNGs for those using other apps.

NOTE: Both planners have additional coordinating stickers (for any device) and aesthetic color-changing widgets (GoodNotes only) that are only available in the bundles.

Custom Desktop area

You can use this extra Bonus area any way you'd like.  Add digital stickers to create your own mockups, use it for extra scrapbooking or journaling space... the sky's the limit. 


Use your imagination and have fun!

Beach Bujo listing-8.jpg

Get your planner or bundle today!




2023 Beach Bujo digital planner + 94 stickers




2023 Beach Bujo digital planner + 94 stickers, 8 hand-drawn Be Positive on Purpose quote stickers




2023 Beach Bujo digital planner + 94 stickers, 8 hand-drawn Be Positive on Purpose quote stickers, 27 aesthetic color-changing widgets for GoodNotes only (NOTE: widgets are not available as stickers and only work in GoodNotes)

Wonderland listing-1.jpg



2023 Wonderland digital planner + 94 stickers




2023 Wonderland digital planner + 94 stickers, 14 hand-colored classic Wonderland stickers




2023 Wonderland digital planner + 94 stickers, 14 hand-colored class Wonderland stickers, 27 aesthetic color-changing widgets for GoodNotes only (NOTE: widgets are not available as stickers and only work in GoodNotes)

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