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My best Procreate Tips & Tricks for Beginners (2023 edition)

When I was starting out with Procreate there are some tips, tricks, hacks, and shortcuts that I wish I knew earlier. It would have saved me a ton of time and made creating my art a lot more fun! Now YOU can learn from my experience. Here are my top 23 tips for Procreate beginners in 2023.

You can watch the full video HERE.

I'm working on another video that's more of an "intro to Procreate" where I walk through the menus, interface, and all the tools, so I'd love to know what information would be most helpful. 😉 Let me know in the comments of this post what you'd like to learn about, or what questions you have about Procreate.

Here are the tips covered in this video:

  1. Gallery/Organization

  2. Preventing random marks

  3. Time-lapse recordings

  4. Selection tool tips

  5. Smooth lines when resizing

  6. Quickshape

  7. Adding text

  8. Grouping & merging layers

  9. Multi-select

  10. Clipping masks vs Alpha-lock

  11. Drawing guide & symmetry

  12. Opacity shortcut

  13. Undo/Redo shortcuts

  14. My favorite gestures

  15. Saving brush favorites

  16. Erasing with the same brush

  17. Streamline

  18. Sampling colors

  19. Creating custom color palettes

  20. Color drop threshold

  21. Easy gradients

  22. Reference window

  23. Taking time to Play!

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