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Digital Coloring pages in Procreate

From unleashing your inner artist to kicking back and unwinding, coloring pages offer an outlet for creativity, a relaxing escape from stress, and a nostalgic journey back to childhood. Whether you're a seasoned artist or just looking for a new way to chill, taking coloring into the digital age may be just what you’re looking for!

In this video, I’m going to show you all my best tips and tricks for using Coloring Pages in Procreate! You’ll learn how to make your own coloring pages, but also how to convert some that you may already have. Then we’ll walk through some different ways to color them in and some tricks to take your artwork to the next level.

You can watch the video tutorial above, or get the basic info below. Let me know if you have any questions!

Using pre-made coloring sheets:

  • They need to be an image (JPG or PNG)

  • If you have sheets as a PDF, you can use an online converter or open them on your iPad & take a screenshot.

  • PRO-TIP: import the image directly into Procreate, rather than to a Canvas (to check the size/quality)

  • For images with a background:

    • Tap the layer > Invert

    • Tap the layer > Copy

    • Add a New layer above & fill with Black

    • Tap the black layer > Mask

    • Paste copied layer (3 finger swipe down)

    • Tap the original layer > Clear

    • Pinch to merge black layer with it’s mask

  • For images without a background, you're good to go!

Creating your own coloring sheets:

  • Sketch your rough design

  • Recommended sketch brushes:

    • Sketching: Procreate pencil (or other pencil in the set)

  • Ink over design on a new layer

  • Recommended ink brushes:

    • Calligraphy: Monoline

    • Inking: Fine tip, Technical pen, Studio pen, Syrup (watch thin edges)

To set up coloring page file:

  • Pre-made sheet without background = good to go

  • For your own artwork, duplicate Procreate file & rename it (so you have a backup)

    • In the copy, remove your sketch

    • Merge all line art layers together (rename)

  • Line art layer (in premade or your new merged one) should be made “Reference” then locked

  • Add a layer under this if needed

Coloring inside the lines:

  • Method 1: Color Drop

    • Use “continue filling” for other areas of the same color

  • Method 2: Selection/color fill

  • Method 3: Color with brushes

    • Do this alone or on top of Color drop sections with Alpha lock or Clipping masks to add depth/texture to the art

PRO-TIPS & Tricks:

  • Keep colors on separate layers so it’s easy to adjust or change them later

  • If colors are bleeding through on Color drop:

    • Check for line art that isn’t closed & close it off (you’ll need to unlock the Line Art layer)

    • Adjust the Color Drop threshold

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