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How to design a Custom watermark for your videos in Canva | YouTube Studio 2020 tutorial

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

How to design a CUSTOM WATERMARK for your videos in CANVA | YouTube Studio 2020 tutorial

I've got a special guest for my video this week! 🐶 If you're wondering how to add the fancy custom branded watermark to your YouTube videos, you can stop searching! I'm going to show you how to design this for FREE in Canva and where to upload it in your YouTube Studio. I'll also cover some tips for what types of designs work best and why. #laurierusselldesign #chrysalisgraphicdesign #canvaquicktips #caperswithcooper

Today I’m going to talk about a viewer request that I've been getting. People are wanting to know how to design and create the little watermark for your YouTube videos.

Have you noticed that a lot of YouTubers have a little watermark in the bottom right corner of their videos? If you'd like to get that for yours, stay tuned because I'm going to show you today how to design and create that in Canva as well as where to upload that in your YouTube studio.

Design Walkthrough:

Head over to This is where we're going to design the custom watermark for our YouTube channel. The great thing about this is that you can create a watermark for your brand, even using the free Canva account. I'll discuss the different options when we get in there. First, go to the top right and click on Create a Design. Your watermark needs to be a square image, at least 150 by 150 pixels, but less than one megabyte in size. I find that it's just easiest to use the Instagram post preset, because it's already set up as a square and I've never had any problems with file size. Once you’re in the design, you can either just put your logo in or create a custom subscribe button, which is what I recommend. I'll show you why…the watermark is an opportunity for you to get more subscribers on your channel.

What many viewers don't know that the branded watermark is actually a button. If they hover over it they get the option to subscribe to your channel. If you only use your logo, you may be missing the opportunity to get additional people to subscribe. This is why I recommend using some version of a subscribe button as your watermark and branding it with your colors, if you want to, rather than just using your logo. I recommend starting with a simple square element. You could even use red so it looks like a real YouTube button.

Now add the word, SUBSCRIBE to your button. Use one of your brand fonts if you’d like. Here's a pro tip: If you want to get an idea of how this will look at a smaller side, just add a blank page so you can access the pages manager. Now you'll get an overview of your design in a smaller size. This works great for doing thumbnail designs too, just double-click, to go back to the page. Remember, I said I would tell you how to make this design work on a free account? All you need to do is just stretch the square out to the edges. Now you have your button to upload.

Let's head over to the YouTube studio. If you're on the Pro account, make sure you download with the transparent background box checked in Canva. In your YouTube Studio go to the left-hand menu, down to Customization. Then click on Branding and scroll down to the video watermark. You'll be able to choose the time your custom watermark appears. I recommend selecting the entire video. Then click Change to upload your new image.

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