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Beginner to Expert Embossed text in Procreate in just one video!

If you're looking to take your designs to the next level using 3D text may be the answer you need. Today we're going to walk through how to create both the Embossed and Debossed text effects in Procreate.

Now there are a ton of tutorials out there on how to do these effects but a lot of them get really complicated and I wanted to put together something that laid out the simplest and easiest way to do both of these effects.

You can watch the video tutorial HERE.

The basic info to create these effects is listed below, but for a step-by-step walkthrough, I recommend watching the video tutorial. 😉

1. Set up Canvas in Procreate

  • I’m using a square, but you can do whatever size you want

  • Color Drop your background color

  • Turn OFF background layer (checkbox)

2. New layer (same color as background) - write text EMBOSS with brush or add text as a font

  • The effect shows up better with thicker letters/fonts

3. Swipe L to duplicate text & double-tap to edit (DEBOSS) - or write it on another layer with brush

4. For fonts, you need to Rasterize (to use it as a shape)

5. Emboss section

  • Make 2 copies of EMBOSS layer (group)

  • Alpha-lock bottom layer & fill with black

  • Remove alpha-lock

  • Use HSB on middle layer (about 60%)

6. Deboss section

  • Selection (automatic)

  • Tap inside letters

  • Invert

  • Add new layer above DEBOSS & fill

  • Duplicate that layer (group)

  • HSB to 60% on top layer

  • Alpha-lock & fill bottom layer with black

  • Remove alpha-lock

  • Select each layer and choose Clipping Mask

7. Turn on background color

8. 3D Effects:

  • Select lighter Emboss layer and move Up & Right

  • Select shadow Emboss layer and move Down & Left

  • Gaussian blur

  • Select lighter Deboss layer and move Up & Right

  • Select shadow Deboss layer and move Down & Left

  • Gaussian blur

Optional: add paper texture

  • Add new layer at the very top

  • Add file (choose paper texture)

  • Make sure it covers the whole canvas

  • Blend mode: overlay

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