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The Vision Board - Reinvented! How to create your own Digital Dreamboard using Pinterest + Procreate

Did you know that there’s a simple tool that can help you transform your life? Whether it’s a new career, a healthy lifestyle, or meaningful relationships, a digital vision board can help you get there. Focusing on your goals and manifesting where you want to be is really powerful and one of the best ways to do that is to use images and words that you see every day.

In this video, I show you my process for creating my Digital Dreamboards that I use to inspire and motivate me every time I see them. I’ll be using Pinterest and Procreate for this, but you can follow a similar process using other programs as well. You’ll learn how to set powerful intentions, choose images that resonate with you, and create a digital vision board that inspires you to take action. I’ve also got a bonus for you in the Procreate section, so stay tuned for that!

I use my iPad and iPhone every day, so I like to create custom wallpapers for them. I use these wallpapers as a place to set up a digital vision board, that I've named my "Digital Dreamboard!" I generally do these monthly, thinking about the upcoming month and what my goals are (both personal and professional). I incorporate photos of what I want to focus on as well as inspirational quotes and digital stickers (some of which I make myself!).

Check out the video for the full tutorial/walkthrough of my process, starting with goal setting (I have some worksheets for that in my 2023 digital planners - currently on sale for 50% off HERE), finding photos in Pinterest, setting up the design in Procreate, and exporting it to load on my iPad lockscreen. If you want to learn how I customize the Homescreen on my iPad, you can watch that video HERE.

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