Good News! 10 uplifting stories from 2020: small wins and good things that happened in 2020

Updated: Apr 1

GOOD NEWS! 10 uplifting stories from 2020 | small wins and good things that happened in 2020

If hindsight is 2020, what will our vision of the year be when we look back? I'm choosing to look for the positive and uplifting stories from 2020. I'm joined by some fellow creators, family and friends, as well as contributors from my audience as everyone came together to share 10 positive stories about small wins and good things that happened in 2020. I hope this inspires you to take some time to think back on your year and look for the good that came out of it, even though a lot of us went through some pretty tough times. Let me know in the comments what your 2020 Good News stories are - I would love to hear them! Cheers to 2021 🎉

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