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Explain your business name...again??

When I started graphic design school, our instructors told us that by the end of the program we'd be setting up a "brand" for ourselves so we could start our own business if we wanted to freelance. Our courses covered everything from color theory and typography to logo design and print production. I took this endeavor on very seriously, as I came to the program later in life. I'd already been to college (twice) and been through another career, only to discover that I wasn't feeling happy or fulfilled in my work. When I chose my business name, Chrysalis Graphic Design, I wanted to express the fact that I had taken a journey of growth and self-discovery and come out the other side (through many hardships and struggles) as a beautiful new creation.

Just as a butterfly must persist through the struggles and have patience through it's time in the chrysalis to become a better version of itself, the design process can sometimes feel the same way; however, on the other side is something greater and every time I've taken on a new project or client I've learned something and grown into a better designer. I love spreading my wings and helping ideas take flight!

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