Digital Planning 101: Beginner tutorial with 2021 Digital Planner and GoodNotes 5 on iPad

Updated: Apr 1

Digital Planning 101: Beginner tutorial with 2021 DIGITAL PLANNER and GoodNotes 5 on iPad

In this video I'm covering Digital Planning 101 - what digital planning is, what supplies you need and doing a walkthrough of one of my 2021 digital planners in GoodNotes 5 on my iPad. If you've always been a paper planner and you have questions, or you're a digital planner that let it slide in 2020 and you need a refresh, this video is for you!


Planners in my shop:

Trackers in my shop:

Digital Stickers in my shop:

Digital planning apps I've used: GoodNotes (iOS only), Xodo

Digital planning apps you can also try*: Notability, ZoomNotes, OneNote, Metamoji Note, Noteshelf, *or search your app store for "pdf annotation" and make sure the app works with hyperlinks

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