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The top things to AVOID when creating Neon art on iPad

Unlike traditional neon art, creating on an iPad provides the freedom to easily modify, edit, and experiment with different elements of your artwork. Learn the key mistakes to AVOID when translating this art to a digital form as I walk you through this sample project step-by-step.

You can watch the video tutorial HERE.

The basic info to create these artwork is listed below, but for a step-by-step walkthrough, I recommend watching the video tutorial. 😉

You can get a sample wall background here:

Best practices for Neon Art:

  • Use bright colors for text/artwork

  • Use dark background or overlay behind Neon

Set up CANVAS in Procreate

  • I’m using a square, but you can do whatever size you want

  • Start with a Black background (easier to see the Neon effect)


  • Add your text/art in bright color on new layer

  • Duplicate twice

    • Top - “Light”

    • Mid - “Bloom” (Add)

    • Bottom - “Shadow” (Multiply)

  • Hide Shadow for now

  • Light layer - HSB to 75-90% (70-90% opacity)

  • Bloom layer - Adjustments > Bloom (settings vary depending on color of light, adjust them until you get the glow you like)

    • May have to duplicate if effect isn’t strong enough…

  • Add layers above & below Shadow (name Glow 1 & Glow 2)

  • Glow 1 layer - use a slightly darker color than your light w/monoline brush & outline the art

    • Blend mode to Add

    • Gaussian blur


  • Add a layer above the background

  • Insert image (Pexels, Unsplash, etc.) - link in video description

  • Adjust photo as needed (HSB, etc.)

  • Add dark vignette layer above photo


  • Glow 2 layer - use darker color than Glow 1 and thicker monoline brush to outline art (make more of a cloud shape around it)

    • Blend mode to Color (not Color Burn, etc.)

    • Gaussian Blur

  • Reveal Shadow layer

    • Alpha-lock & fill with black

    • Remove alpha-lock

    • Offset & small blur if desired

Optional: add ELECTRIC CORDS above Glow 2

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