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I love to share my knowledge and I do that through a combination of free tutorials on YouTube and Instagram, as well as Premium courses on Skillshare and my own site*.  If you'd like to take my Skillshare courses (and get access to thousands of others from amazing creators) you can use my link below to get a free month to try it out. 


*If you'd like to purchase access to my courses individually, you can do that HERE. 

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Explore the harmonious fusion of Creativity and Mindfulness through digital doodling in Procreate!  Throughout this course, we'll delve into the heart of mindful doodling, where the act of creating becomes a form of meditation or relaxation. We'll learn how to silence the noise of the world and allow our creativity to flourish without self-doubt, judgment, or pressure.

DigiQuill_Class_Cover-PS new.jpg

Paper quilling has gone digital!  No need to worry about paper strips, glue, tweezers, or sore fingers when you want to create beautiful 3D artwork in this unique style.  Join me in this course to learn how to create digital paper quilling artwork in Procreate!

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Let’s create beautiful, unique 3D papercut art without any scissors or glue…join me in class to learn how to create digital papercut typography artwork in Procreate!  The Bonus section features some of my additional tips and tricks to help you take your designs to the next level, as well as a guide for how to bring your artwork into Canva and create printed cards for any occasion.

Sparkling Symmetry cover.jpg

Unleash your creativity through the mesmerizing art of Mandalas in Procreate.  We’ll create some sparkling symmetry by turning our mandalas into beautiful snowflakes.  Whether you’re a seasoned digital artist, or just starting out, this class will show you how to transform your iPad into a digital canvas, alive with winter wonder!

HD Procreate Neon Skillshare thumbs.jpg

Neon signs and artwork are so trendy!  You see them everywhere, from restaurants to theatres, even in people's home.  Now we can re-create this fun art style digitally on the iPad.  Join me to learn how to create digital Neon sign artwork in Procreate!

Paper Landscape course cover.jpg

Let’s create beautiful, unique 3D papercut landscapes without any scissors or glue…join me in this course to learn how to create digital papercut artwork in Procreate!

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