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"I love being able to help someone overcome their fear of failure or thinking that they’re not creative… I believe that everyone has something in them, some spark of creativity, that they can tap into.  You may just need a little help getting started - a blank paper or computer screen can be intimidating!"

-LAURIE RUSSELL, Owner & Artist

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Click the button to find out more about me and my background.


Laurie here,
great to meet you!

I have a passion for the union of Technology + Art. My mission is to help your ideas take flight by sharing tips, techniques, and tools to empower Creators of all types to experience the joy of art - and to have fun doing it. Sound good?

When you think about creating Art...

. . . how do you feel?  Are you excited about the idea of a new creative project?  OR do you feel anxious and overwhelmed at the thought of something that you don’t have the time or experience to do?

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Click the button to view my Services page for more details on the different ways I can help your ideas take flight.  These include Graphic Design and Video Production, as well as Creative Education via Tips & Tricks on my Blog, Video Tutorials & Product Reviews, plus a Shop with digital art supplies to make creating beautiful graphics and illustrations SUPER easy!

COMING SOON: Procreate assets/kits (brushes, palettes, etc.) and more courses!

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I have a YouTube Channel with an ever-growing library of FREE video content!

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